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Since I’ve been a “housewife” in NYC I’ve been cooking a lot more mostly to cure my boredom and to try new things since I have the free time. My friend recently showed me a picture of his green eggs and ham sans the ham and I was intrigued so I decided to try my own version.

(edit: my friend wanted me to show his version of eggs so that you can all make a comparison for yourselves)


So those are my friend’s eggs.

My green eggs and ham

I think I got the green down right. I decided to blend a handful of spring mix with 2 eggs. Then as the eggs were cooking I put in pieces of turkey bacon into the mix. I think it turned out quite successfully. The reason I prefer my eggs over my friend’s egg mixture was A) I put in ham, B) I didn’t completely blend in the greens. There are still bits and pieces left so it doesn’t feel like I’m eating something artificial and it adds a bit of texture to otherwise whipped, processed eggs.


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