When you consider thinking of a new city to move to, I’m sure there are numerous reasons why you do so. One of the things that I heavily consider is the cleanliness of the city. I’ve been lucky enough to live in clean cities and I’d like to keep it that way. You may also agree with me that this is an important requirement, maybe not.

I went to San Francisco a couple of months ago and one thing really caught my eye while I was there. I’m sure there are plenty of things that come to mind about why San Francisco is such a great city to live in like all the fresh food available, the closeness to the water, the various vibrant communities, etc. Those are all fine and dandy but the thing that really made me consider living there was the fact that ever public restroom I went to was equipped with toilet seat covers!

You’d really have to know me in order to understand exactly how excited and pleased I was to discover this small (probably insignificant to many) detail – the first apartment I lived in flooded and was infested with ants within my first two months. I was very surprised by this because none of the Canadian cities I’ve lived in or visited had this type of accommodation in their public restrooms.

So there you have it.


That was exactly how I was feeling today when I was taking the skytrain today. I don’t remember it being as full as it was today. Nothing in particular was different than any other day.

I could feel myself touching the other bodies on the train this time around and it was definitely making me uncomfortable. Luckily, I had a couple of bags that I used as a buffer between certain parts of my body. I don’t remember ever using transit and having my limbs tangled in such odd positions just so I could maintain some breathing room as well as hold onto a bar to keep from falling.

I also wish there was more ventilation on the trains. Windows can’t be opened so the air conditioning that is apparently running somewhere is the only thing keeping the air circulating. However, being anemic, I often feel light-headed on the bus, and add my motion sickness, well, let’s just say I hope something changes or else someone in the near future will not be pleased with me.

The Canadaline definitely feels at full capacity these days, heck there are even stories about it so I know I’m not imagining it. At times like these I really miss the good ol’ 98 b-line. It might be a good time to bring those back to help with the congestion.

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This past weekend I spent a little quality time in my local Indigo bookstore reading a few of the books in the Hot and New section. Then I got curious. There was a display for their ereader, Kobo, and I must admit, it looked pretty good.

Naturally, I go over and play with it (I’m a bit of a technology nut, always playing with the newest gadgets and programs.) and am at first slightly confused. I didn’t realize there were buttons on the side of the device and was trying to just use the keypad on the bottom right corner to navigate my way through the book titles. I got stuck reading Little Women for a little while (for the record this is a great classic but I was more interested in seeing all the titles included and what other functions the kobo had) but once I noticed the small blue buttons on the left side, it was smooth sailing.

One promotional item I will touch upon and agree with is that the eInk used on the kobo is great. It really does read like you’re reading the pages of an actual book. There’s nothing more annoying than sun glare when you’re trying to read, which is one of the main reasons I was never really interested in ereaders to begin with.

The one thing missing from this $149 reading device is touch-screen. I much prefer using that than holding down onto a button for a lengthy period of time. Perhaps they can figure out some of that apple technology and apply a scroll function or a touch function to really make this item pop.

Here are a couple of articles on the kobo ereader that I’ve read:

Toronto Star‘s review on the kobo ereader

TechCrunch’s take

Wired calls this the real Kindle-killer

I was very close to taking out my credit card and taking the kobo ereader home with me. But I think I’ll hold out just a little while longer to see if any new advancements will be made.

I’ve finally decided to dive in and create a site for myself to showcase some selected works in hopes of landing a paid position among all these internships I’ve been collecting the past few years.